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It is written. No matter what you’ve been through, it´s written. No matter what you know, it´s written. No matter what you do, it´s written. Trust Him.

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I often wondered why I never
felt at home here.

But later one I’ve realized:
I am just a guest in this world;
with every deed I commit
I am building myself a house
in the hereafter.

Thus I was never made to stay.
I was made to come back to
Al-Mubdi, The Originator.

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As a human, you can’t fully understand the wisdom behind Allah’s plans. So if you gain something, embrace it. And if you lose something, let it be. You don’t always love what is best for you, and you don’t always hate what is terribly wrong for you. Trust in His plans for your life because that is when the best unfolds itself.

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Know that the ungrateful are never successful.

Holy Qur’an [28:82] 

الجادة الخامسة

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